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So why coaching?

Coaching for me, creates an opportunity to connect with other people, so as to try and help out in those tricky moments in life when we can feel unsure about ourselves and when we are not sure who or where to turn when something keeps us awake at night or feeling frustrated during the day.

Whether that tricky moment is how best to:

  • manage or communicate with a work colleague,

  • handle and deliver on a new project

  • figure out your next career move

  • improve a family relationship

Whatever it is, for me it's about being there to give people the time and space to check in on their own situation, to listen and work out their core values and beliefs. It's about helping someone to share their views, think out loud, reflect and also test out perhaps the barriers or assumptions that they may be making about a person or a situation and then to work on the solutions to their own dilemmas.

Good coaches listen and explore, they don't advise or tell someone what to do, they help the person realise their own goals and set their own actions.

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